"Trust is built with consistency"

Who we are
CDME Middle East has been founded in Cyprus in 1980 by the French Group of Rexel and still today continuous to supply professional industrial products. CDME since its set up serves major electrical Distributors and Panel Builders in the Gulf Countries.
Specializing in the sales of electrical material and supplies, Rexel is at the center of relationships between manufacturers and professionals in construction, maintenance and renovations, with 21,300 employees in 29 countries all act as responsible entrepreneurs through a network of 1,700 branches. Since 2004 CDME management has changed to Cypriot shareholders. Headquarters were established in Cyprus and with a team of 8 people working for the instant service and product development we every year reach and exceed our goals and expectations.
CDME Middle East is the sole representative for manufacturers such as Tenby-U.K.(wiring accessories), Schrack-Austria(Low Voltage Switchgear), Telergon-Spain(Industrial Switches) etc. Its sales teams are constantly in the field to prospect potential markets, develop business with wholesalers, traders, contactors, panel manufacturers, engineering consultants, electrical supply companies and industry to negotiate and handle orders and generally provide a highly effective sales and back-up service.

CDME is confident of executing a service to the highest standards and quality